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The Seabank Hotel

The Seabank is a large hotel at the top of the Promenade in Porthcawl, it has good views overlooking the seafront. There are two entrances to the bar, the first through the main entrance and then right into the bar or a second entrance that is directly into the bar further round the left of the hotel. the bar it self consists of a few tables around the front of the bar and a raised section near the windows around a a fake fireplace, there is a restaurant section where you can drink but it is no smoking and very much like a canteen without any comfortable seats or privacy.

There is a selection of wine and lagers, there is often a guest ale and the other standard drinks. They serve food all day and the menu in the bar is standard.

My Opinion

The best bet in regards to the beer is to stick to bottles as either they do not turnover enough or they don't know how to keep it because I would say that 50% of the time I have been the the beer has been well below standard.

The food is very average and the last time I ate there, after a very long wait the waitress returned with half the meals saying that we would have to eat separately because she forgot to order one and that she had replace some of the order with something else because they had run out.

We got our money back and left. After a small scene.

After seeing some recent meals up there we decided to forgive them their previous efforts and try again, we waited an hour, and then were delivered awful, luke warm meals.

Again our money was refunded but the evening was totally spoilt.

All that said and done the Seabank is a nice place in the summertime, sit on the wall and watch the world go by .

written : 30/03/2005

Ratings: 18 out of 50

Beer : 3

Food : 3

Atmosphere : 4

Service : 4

Facilities/Entertaiment : 4


The Promenade, West Drive



CF36 3LU

01656 782261


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